Monthly Archives: December 2013

The Voice In Your Head Is Not You

The voice in your head is not you. It’s just a voice in your head! It’s just the brain doing what it does best. “You”, if we wish to call it that, are the silent awareness that is aware of the voice in your head. Don’t worry about all the crazy things that voice says. Just think of it like a crazy uncle who lives up in your attic, constantly mumbling all kinds of nonsense. It’s okay – it’s not you. It’s just your brain.

Pay attention to the fact that you can become aware of this voice in your head as it is going on, without getting drawn into it. Remain as a detached observer, and let the mind do what it does. Over time, you will find that it settles down on its own. The energy we put into trying to stop mental activity only creates more! Once we stop fighting with the mind and just start to watch it, there is a natural tendency for it to become more calm, with frequent periods of quiet, thoughtless awareness. These moments are tremendously special and valuable.