What We Think vs. What IS

Real truth does exist. We will never have complete and lasting fulfillment until we recognize this truth for ourselves.

On the one hand, there is what we think. On the other hand, there is what IS. What we think is not real – it is just thoughts. But we mistake our thoughts about reality for reality. Reality, or truth, is what actually IS, right now, in this moment. But we are almost never aware of what is occurring in this moment because our attention is focused in our thinking activity.

Most of our thinking is about past or future. Past and future do not exist outside of the mind. The past is only a collection of memories. The future is only an educated guess, projected based upon our past memories. Only NOW is real. Everything that is real happens in the now.

If we want to discover the ultimate truth, the truth of our own being, the truth of all existence, then we only need to shift our attention away from thinking and into the actual present moment. To recognize this truth, we need to drop all of our expectations about what we will see or experience. Drop any ideas about truth or enlightenment, and just see what is already here right now.

It is not possible to know the ultimate truth. But you can be the ultimate truth. When you rest in the present moment, in the reality of what actually IS, right now, any sense of self or separateness dissolves, and the truth shines forth naturally.

No effort will get you there. It is a letting go of all effort that is required. Stop looking for anything other than what is already here, now. Drop all expectations. Be what you already are.